5 Tips for Creating the Guest Room of Your Dreams

Incorporating a guest bedroom into your home is a great way to make guests feel welcome and comfortable staying overnight. Our Calgary furniture store is making it easy to create the guest room of your dreams with endless options for cozy bedroom decor.

To help with this process we’ve listed a few ways that you can create the perfect guest bedroom.

How To Make the Perfect Guest Room

1. Create a fresh look with neutral colors

Soft, neutral colors such as white, or light blue will make the room feel bright and fresh. Neutral colors such as white can be highly versatile as they pair well with many different styles of decor, which will make decorating easy. Neutral colors also appear more gender-neutral and appropriate for all age groups, which will allow all guests to feel at home in your guest room.

2. Make the bed the focal point

Staying in someone else’s home can be uncomfortable. When your visitors enter the guest bedroom, they should be greeted with a comfortable bed with plenty of comfortable pillows and blankets. This will encourage your guests to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

3. Cater to tech needs

After a flight or a long car ride, your guests will want to unwind and surf the web or catch up with friends and family on their cell phones. There's nothing better than walking into a guest bedroom that is equipped with a spare phone and laptop chargers, as well as the password for the Wi-Fi.

4. Provide some of the little essentials

Spare your guests the stress of rifling through an overnight bag for toothpaste or face wash after a long day of travelling. Many furniture stores in Calgary offer stylish boxes and trays that you can fill with all the little essentials that your guests may need for the night.

5. Create a get-ready area

When your guests wake up in the morning, they should have all the tools they need to get ready and do their morning routine before coming out to greet everyone. A get-ready area can be as simple as a full-length mirror such as the Dulal accent mirror, or as elaborate as a full vanity set such as the Coralayne vanity mirror.

Let Furniture Extreme in Calgary Help!

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