How to Choose the Right Accessories and Bedroom Furniture for Your Calgary Home

The bedroom is the place where you come to relax when the day is finally done. Decorating a bedroom should, therefore, be done with careful attention to the quality of the furniture and accessories that are chosen, so that they reflect your personal style and last for years to come.

Learn how to choose the right bedroom decor and accessories for your space with the furniture store team at Furniture Extreme in Calgary.

Choosing the right bed and mattress

The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom, as well as the place where we spend many hours of our lives. Choosing a sturdy bed frame, and a comfortable mattress should be a priority as a good night’s sleep is essential to your health. Highly regarded furniture stores in Calgary such as Furniture Extreme offer high-quality bed frames that you can trust to last for a long time, as well as a wide selection that allows homeowners to choose a bed frame that will fit their personal style. For those who strive for a cozy, yet modern look, upholstered beds such as the Kasidon King upholstered bed may be the perfect option. Those who aim for a more traditional look with fine details may prefer the Gabriela Queen poster bed.

Bedside tables that suit your space

The right bedside tables can make your bedroom appear complete and intentional. Your nightstands should be a similar height to your bed, and an appropriate size for your space. Furniture stores in Calgary offer modern bedside tables such as the Cazenfeld two drawer nightstand, which provides large drawers with plenty of storage, as well as a sleek, cool-toned appearance without taking up too much space. Those with larger spaces may consider statement pieces such as the Cassimore three drawer nightstand, which take up more room with their decorative features.

Dressers for style and storage

It is important to choose a dresser with a similar style or material to your bedside tables and bed frame, in order to create a cohesive looking space. A dresser is a great opportunity to add a focal point to your bedroom, which doubles as a functional storage space. Furniture stores in Calgary offer a wide selection of dressers to suit any style and fulfill your storage needs.

Design the Perfect Bedroom with Furniture Extreme

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