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Learn how to choose between contemporary and modern lighting options for your home. Our Calgary team at Furniture Extreme explains more about this process now!

A Guide to Choosing Between Contemporary and Modern Lighting from Calgary Furniture Stores

The lighting in your home can play a key role in your home’s design and overall style. You can use lighting to highlight specific design elements and draw the eye to interesting features. Being able to select between contemporary and modern lighting products can help you find the right piece for your home. L

Let’s explore how to buy the ideal lighting from local Calgary furniture stores.

Modern versus contemporary

Most homeowners would assume that modern styles of lighting and contemporary styles are the same. This is a point of confusion due to the two words being used interchangeably across the home design industry. But modern and contemporary are unique styles with their own design characteristics.

What is modern lighting?

Modern lighting is a style of lighting system that arose in the 1920s and has its place in almost any home. The goal of modern lighting pieces is designed to refresh the appeal of a home and bring a more contemporary look to it.

Modern lighting systems tend to have the following characteristics:

· Sleek lines

· Chrome finishes

· Clean and stylized designs

· Very limited number of design additions

Modern lighting will stand the test of time and will blend with any furniture piece added to your home.

What is contemporary lighting?

When choosing contemporary lighting from Calgary furniture stores, you’ll find that each piece is dynamic and represents the very cutting-edge of design style. Contemporary lighting designs tend to borrow from past eras and blend elements to create a new design based on the designer’s own unique style.

Contemporary lighting designs usually have the following features:

· Abstract design styles

· Sharp edges

· Neutral shades with hints of colour

· High-gloss finishes

Which are the best lighting options for you?

Armed with the information in this post, you can now enter the market with a greater understanding of the lighting options available. An example of a modern lighting piece is the Deidra Metal Table Lamp. This piece combines blacks and golds with a natural linen square shade to offer a great addition to any contemporary living room design. Another option from our Furniture Extreme store in Calgary is the Derek Poly Table Lamp, which combines an antler and pine cone base with a silhouette shade to catch the eye as part of a contemporary home design.

Shop our Furniture Extreme catalogue to find the very best in contemporary and modern lighting design. Contact our Calgary furniture store to learn more about the latest options and for further information.