Calgary Home Tips - Modern Furniture to Suit Your Personal Style

Homeowners in Calgary are often afraid to incorporate furniture into their home that suits their personality because they fear it may be out of date or inconsistent with the rest of their home decor. Modern furniture stores in Calgary, such as Furniture Extreme, offer a range of sleek, contemporary furniture that has elements of style from different centuries, in all sorts of styles from premium brands such as Ashley furniture.

Our team at Furniture Extreme have outlined a few ways that you can use modern furniture as a reflection of your personal style.

  • For a warm and cozy look

There is a misconception that modern furniture always has to be cold and streamlined. By using natural materials such as rustic wood and cotton, homeowners can create a warm, comforting look while keeping with modern trends. Modern furniture stores in Calgary such as Furniture Extreme also offer a wide range of lighting options, where homeowners can find the perfect warm lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. Modern pillows and throw blankets will also add to this look and make you and your guests feel warm and comfortable at all times.

  • Elevating your child’s bedroom into the 21st century

Parents are often afraid that a modern looking bedroom will take away from the bright and playful looking space that children love to come home to. This does not have to be the case. In fact, a light, modern looking space with colourful accents can be the perfect fit for a child’s room and will allow your child’s favourite colours to pop. Modern wooden pieces like the Leo dresser can also be the perfect option for a child’s bedroom, as they are much more kid-proof than glass or other materials, yet still have a modern appearance. We offer homeowners in Calgary modern bedroom furniture that will bring your child’s room to life.

  • Modernizing one room in an otherwise traditional space

Homeowners who wish to modernize one room in the house are often afraid of inconsistency in their home decor. The best way to make a modernized space appear consistent with other rooms in the house is to create a colour scheme that fits with both the modern and traditional decor. Experimenting with various shapes and materials is not a problem as long as each room compliments a similar colour scheme.

Explore our modern furniture from trusted brands such as Ashley furniture at our Furniture Extreme store in Calgary. Contact us at 587-353-3369 for more information and start shopping today!