Furniture for a Functional Home

At Furniture Extreme, we reject the idea that functional furniture has to be boring. With our Ashley furniture sale and other options, you can find both stylish, and functional furniture at an affordable price!

For those who are tired of searching through furniture stores in Calgary for the best functional furniture, we have outlined a few of our favourite stylish, and functional pieces you could consider for your home.

Hutch desks

A hutch desk is a great option for those who are looking for plenty of storage, without taking up too much space. The desk is combined with extra drawers and shelves that travel up the wall, saving space as opposed to buying a separate set of drawers. Finding a sleek and stylish hutch desk can free up space and make a statement.

Counter tables

A counter table is a way to store dishware and wine bottles within the dinner table itself. This serves as extra storage and displays the items in a stylish way. Shoppers can find beautiful counter tables and Ashley furniture sales at our Furniture Extreme store.

Bookcase desks

At Furniture Extreme, you will find innovative pieces made to save you space and combine functional furniture. A bookcase desk is a great example of one of those pieces where you can get a both functional, and modern looking option.

Storage beds

At Furniture Extreme, Calgary homeowners can find a wide selection of beds with built-in drawers. This is a great option for those who find themselves running out of closet space or parents who are looking to teach their children to organize their things rather than hiding a mess under their bed.

Sofa beds

When people think of sofa beds, they do not often think of sleek, modern pieces of furniture. Shoppers can find a variety of gorgeous sofas that double as large, comfortable beds so that your guests will have a great night’s sleep.

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