Ways to Modernize Your Calgary Dining Room with the Right Furniture

Does your dining room need a makeover, but you don’t know where to begin? Exciting changes are happening in the world of home décor and furniture, giving you the opportunity to add your own, personal flair to the place where friends and family gather around the table.

Furniture Extreme is a Calgary-based furniture store offering modern furniture, for a unique and personalized space. The following are a few tips for bringing your dining space into the modern era.

  1. Add a Stylish Rug

Rugs are no longer to be confined to the living room. The modern dining room has become less of a formal space and more of a canvas for personal expression. Adding a rug to a dining area can be a fun way to mix textures and colours within the space. Our selection gives an array of stylish rugs suitable for a modern dining space at incredible prices.

  1. Mix Formal and Casual Seating

Modern furniture stores have introduced homeowners to the idea of mixed seating. Adding a bench to one side of a dining room table, while placing traditional chairs on the opposite side creates an interesting and versatile space.

Explore our stylish seating options to find the right piece for your home.

3. Use a Storage Unit as an Accent Piece

Ashley Home Furniture offers homeowners in Calgary storage that excites! Use a fresh white cabinet to brighten up the room, or a rustic wooden unit to add character. The options are endless with the Ashley Furniture sale at Furniture Extreme.

4. Create an Accent Wall with Wall Art

Wall art is a modern way to create an accent wall and is a great way of adding life to your dining room. Filling the majority of one wall with sets of wall art creates a personalized space that draws the eye to the homeowner’s hand-picked designs.

5. Add Stools for Casual Dining

Homeowners can add stools to one side of a kitchen counter or surround a tall table with a few high stools for a more casual dining space. This unique style of dining adds dimension to the room and introduces a more casual element to the space, contrasting the traditional, low dining room table.

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