A Guide to Mixing and Matching Ashley Furniture for the Bedrooms in Your Calgary Home

In your family home, your bedrooms should be decorated with furniture that is personalized to your tastes and style preferences. Yet it can be difficult to know exactly how to mix and match the best pieces available from Ashley Furniture. So, that’s why we’re presenting this bedroom guide.

Let’s delve into the process of mixing and matching Ashley furniture for your Calgary home.

1. Use the 60/40 rule

This rule is a standard in the industry with which you might not be familiar. But the 60/40 rule means that 60% of the décor within your bedroom should be the main colour palette, while 40% should be accented additions to that main colour. Using this mixing and matching rule you can blend various styles and colours while still maintaining a stylish bedroom space.

2. Work with experts in finding your style

You don’t have to go the process alone when searching for Ashley furniture in Calgary. Make sure you get into contact with professionals to ensure you find that ideal piece for your bedroom space. The team here at Furniture Extreme have a clear understanding of each of the available options and can help you to make a selection based on what you need. We can showcase the latest dresser options for example to match your existing furniture. Our catalogue includes refined options such as the Juararo Dresser, which is designed with a replicated oak grain and warm pewter coloured hardware to blend with classic home décor styles.

3. Mix the materials to blend textures

Your bedroom space doesn’t have to be designed using materials with the same textures and patterns. You have the option of blending textures to bring a unique feeling of personalized comfort to the bedroom space. You might consider blending classically-styled wardrobes with contemporary metal bed framing for that ideal combination of styles.

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