Furniture Stores in Calgary - Top 3 Tips for Buying a Comfortable Sofa

Purchasing a new sofa is an important decision, and Furniture Extreme is an Ashley furniture store in Calgary that offers a wide range of selections. Finding a sofa that compliments the style of your house is important because it will do more than just add to your comfort. Here are three simple tips for purchasing a new sofa in Calgary.

1. Purchase High-Quality Fabric
Choosing high-quality fabric is critical for the long-term use of a sofa. Synthetic fabrics are highly durable and are easy to clean. Tightly woven or heavy fabrics can sustain high usage and will last for a long time. Leather fabric is also highly durable, but it is best to avoid satin fabric or brocades if the sofa is used on a frequent basis. Asking for a sample beforehand to take home is a great way to see how the material looks inside your house with other furniture.

2. Consider Back Style
Another important thing to consider while visiting a furniture store in Calgary is the differences in a sofa's back style. Typically, sofas have two different styles, which is either a pillow or a tight back. A pillow back has removable cushions or pillows alongside the rear. However, the pillows will look slightly askew unless you fluff them on a regular basis. A tight back is whenever the upholstery is tailored to the sofa. While this design may be slightly less comfortable, you will not have to worry about constantly fluffing pillows.

3. Seat Depth
The seat depth of a sofa plays a critical role in helping you feel comfortable. The best way to attain a suitable seat depth is to find a comfortable chair or sofa and measure the distance from inside your knee to the location of your lower back that touches the sofa. The use of these dimensions will help you pick out a comfortable sofa with similar seat depth measurements.

Furniture Extreme

Furniture Extreme is an Ashley furniture store in Calgary that specializes in providing high-quality sofas and while operating with low overhead, can offer the best prices in town. Please contact us at any time if you are in the Calgary area and are interested in purchasing a sofa or sofa bed. We can help you get the best Ashley Furniture. Call today and talk to an expert for the best deal.