Leather Or Fabric? Choosing The Right Sofa And Furniture For Your Calgary Home

We know not all furniture stores in Calgary carry a large selection of sofas and sofa beds. At Furniture Extreme, you have many options when it comes to surface material. Fabric/Upholstery and leather can spark a good debate when it comes to style and convenience. Both have advantages and disadvantages that make it more of a personal choice. For most people, the decision comes down to cost and/or convenience. The fact is, either type of material is an excellent choice and will work well in almost any décor.

- Fabric or Upholstery

Fabric and upholstery are more affordable and, with proper care, can last as long as leather and other types of material. They can be extremely comfortable and are available in almost any pattern or color to meet your décor needs. Even though fabric and upholstery are very versatile, they have a few drawbacks. In addition to regular cleaning, the fabric can fade if placed in direct sunlight. Dust mites and pet dander can also be a problem because they work deep into the fibers making it difficult to completely remove them.

- Leather

Leather living room furniture like sofas can be a powerful decorating tool. Many people who purchase leather furniture look at it as an investment in their home. It is very easy to keep clean and won't collect dust mites or pet dander when compared to regular upholstery. It's also firmer than fabric and can be very soft and supple. It also comes in several colors. The main drawback that people have with leather is that it can become sticky and hot during the long days of summer. Humidity can also cause the surface of leather furniture to feel damp. Leather also requires special cleaners and should be cleaned or wiped down regularly to prevent it from drying out.

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Furniture Extreme is one of the premier Ashley furniture stores in Calgary. We offer a wide selection of furniture in many different colors and styles. If you are unsure of what type of material or style will work best for you, we can give you all the facts you need about each type of fabric, upholstery, and leather covering so you can make an informed decision.

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