What Makes Ashley Furniture In Calgary So Great?

There are a number of descriptions that spring to mind when the name Ashley Furniture crops up in Calgary. For decades, it has come to symbolize quality, style, high-end furnishings and value for money. These are valid associations because those who own Ashley Furniture know exactly what they want and what they are paying for. If you want mass-marketed furniture that may last a few years, there are a million options available. If you want beautiful pieces of furniture that you can leave to your grandchildren, Ashley Furniture is your answer.

What defines every piece of furniture is pride in its craftsmanship. The best materials go into their making, to ensure finished products that stand out and endure. What buyers get when they choose Ashley Furniture is peace of mind because they know it guarantees beauty, comfort, and endurance. Here are a few more ways in which this brand can give your home a whole new look.

Make Dining Rooms More Classy

The Ashley Furniture Logan collection can instantly transform your dining space into one of the most sophisticated rooms in the house. You can pick from 60-inch servers with burnished hardware, an 84-inch extension dining table, or other pieces with cherry veneered hardwood. The Ashley Nora collection is less formal but still beautiful, with options like a four-seater 42-inch diameter circular dining table and optional upholstered bar stools.

Change Your Living Room

The Ashley Prelude range has a wide range of furniture in champagne rayon and polyester fabric, from ottomans and chairs to three-seater sofas and upholstery with beautifully turned feet to give your modern living room a charming 19th-century ambiance. You can also pick and combine chairs, sofas, and loveseats depending on the kind of look you're aiming for.

Breathe New Life Into Your Office

Ashley Furniture's Glen Eagle office furniture can turn any office space into a stylish place of business, with traditional furniture in a rich cherry stained finished, beautifully polished hardwoods and antique-looking pieces that beautifully combine form with function.

Get The Best Priced Ashley Furniture In Calgary

When it comes to options, quality, the right kind of furniture for any room, and great customer service, always talk to a trusted company like Furniture Extreme where low overhead allows for the best price. We can help you get the best with Ashley Furniture in Calgary. Contact us today and talk to our experts for more information.