3 Ways to Style Your Bedroom Using the Latest Ashley Furniture Products in Calgary

One of the best ways to enhance your comfort in your bedroom is to make sure the style is completely your own. There are many techniques you can use to create that ideal bedroom style. And in this latest post, our Ashley Furniture experts at Furniture Extreme in Calgary explain more on three of the best ways to style your home bedroom furniture.

1. Nautical Calm

The calm nautically-themed space is ideal for those dealing with the stresses and strains of daily life. This involves first picking the calming Ashley Furniture colours from your local Calgary store. Blues and light greys are ideal in this design aesthetic. Next, you’ll need to pick the coziest of blankets and pillows. Try to find plush material that has depth for that weightless comfort. To finalize this design aesthetic, choose lighting elements that aren’t a bright white. Consider golden lamps and lighting structures to complete that nautical theme.

2. Moroccan Flair

The Moroccan flair aesthetic is the ideal design choice for those who wish to make a statement with their bedroom décor. The design takes shape first with the pillows, where Aztec patterns can be used to draw and hold the attention. Then you can add braided baskets and wooden structures throughout the room. These products can be found in the storage item selections of your local Calgary furniture store. In tying your Calgary bedroom together, consider placing art over beds. This helps bring a central element to the décor.

3. Winter Cool

The Winter Cool design approach involves using simple and elegant Ashley Furniture products to create that cozy Calgary winter space. The room should combine whites and blues and give the feeling of being within a natural winter weather pattern. Art should then be placed to over the largest bedroom features to highlight winter scenes and add to the feeling of serenity. Finally, you can add the glow of winter to the space with silver accent pieces around mirrors and headboards.

Our team at Furniture Extreme in Calgary can help you capitalize on your investment in Ashley Furniture products. To learn more on the full range of décor options available, call us today!