Small-Space Design Ideas for Living Rooms with Ashley Furniture in Calgary

The living room is a place to unwind after a busy day. If cluttered, finding the comfort you seek becomes a challenge. However, by selecting the best priced Ashley Furniture in Calgary from Extreme Furniture, you can find the right mix of color, size, and weight to enable you to decorate your living area while maximizing light and space.

Our Furniture Extreme team have compiled some compelling ideas to help you turn your cluttered living room into a beautiful, homely space.

1. Add Mirrors and Wallpapers

A small and cluttered living space can feel a little bit boxed in if it lacks windows. Interior designers often place mirrors at strategic places to make space feel larger. Find a central location to hang a mirror to create a focal point to reflect light. Additionally, you can add wallpaper to spice thing up and add depth to your living room.

2. Rid the Space of Bulk

In a small space, it is critical to avoid large-sized furniture. A full-sized sofa hardly works. Alternatively, have a slimmed-down love seat or a petit sofa in your Calgary home. Preferably, use furniture with thin legs and open bottoms to create an airy feel.

3. Draw the Eye to the Ceiling

A room has both horizontal and vertical dimensions. If your living space has high ceilings, maximize the extra vertical space by adding décor that draws the eyes upward. Also, you can achieve this by hanging curtains from the ceiling, instead of hanging them directly above the window. In such a setting, a glass table makes the room appear more spacious.

4. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

With such limited space, each piece of furnishing should earn its place. The ottoman is useful furniture, for it can double up as a coffee table and as an additional seat. Some sectionals in Calgary have consoles and storage compartments and can accommodate cups, snacks, and remotes, making them perfect for movie nights too.

5. Use Neutral Colors

A popular small living room idea is to use neutral colors on walls, ceiling, floor, and furniture. Soft hues enhance illumination by reflecting light, while a palette of beiges will appear to stretch the space as they seem to push back the walls.

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