3 Important Things You Should Look for at Furniture Extreme Store

Buying new furniture for your home is an investment, whether you are looking for the perfect accent chair or a complete living room set. As such, you want to make sure that the furniture extreme store you choose offers high-quality items that are built to stand the test of time. When you are ready to begin your search, you should keep the following in mind.

1. Are the Staff Knowledgeable and Friendly?

You would not want to buy a car from a salesperson who cannot explain how the different horsepower ratings affect performance, so why would you buy Ashley Furniture from someone who cannot explain the difference between an accent chair and a chaise? (An accent chair is often boldly designed to make a statement, whereas a chaise is stylishly designed to allow for effortless relaxation.)

2. Is the Showroom Well Kept and Beautifully Designed?

When you first walk into a furniture store in Calgary, take a sweeping look around. The area should be clean, dust free and tastefully arranged. The floor displays should be in perfect condition with accent items placed in such a way as to show how the furniture will look in a real home. If the space is overcrowded or haphazardly organized, it's likely a subpar store.

3. Is the Furniture Overpriced?

Many Ashley Furniture stores over price their stock in the hopes of earning a substantial commission, trusting their customers to not question the sky high prices. However, these stores also often practice pushy sales techniques. Here at Furniture Extreme in Calgary, we will not be under sold. We work hard to ensure our high-quality furniture is affordable with our Price Guarantee.

Why Does This Matter?

As we mentioned before, new furniture is an investment, and you want to make sure you are getting what you pay for. If the store in question is anything but professional, your items may not be the quality you need. You would not want to buy a new car from a sleazy dealership with questionable stock, so why would you buy furniture from a questionable furniture store?

Here at Furniture Extreme in Calgary, our knowledgeable team takes great pride in offering the highest quality Ashley Furniture with the lowest advertised prices. Call or come in to see for yourself and learn how we can help you find the perfect items for your home today!