9 Tips for Shopping at Ashley Furniture Stores

As summer comes to a close, many people throughout Calgary begin looking for great ways to freshen up their home. When shopping for Ashley Furniture at Furniture Extreme, these nine tips will help ensure the best fit.

1. Plan Before Your Shopping Trip

If you show up without an idea of what you are going to be getting, you can leave empty handed, or with a beautiful item that simply doesn't fit where you imagined it would. Visit our easy to use website to see all the options.

2. Know Your Budget

Nothing is worse than finding a beautiful new Bedroom Suite, just to realize it's outside your budget. Furniture Extreme provides Ashley Furniture at prices you can afford and 30% - 50% less than elsewhere.

3. Know the Type of Furniture You Want

Having at least an idea of what type of furniture you want can save you a lot of time and double-guessing yourself once you're in the store.

4. Measure the Space

Don't rely on your spatial awareness to judge whether or not an item will fit where you imagine it will. Carefully measure the space's height, length, and depth and take those measurements and the tape measure with you for reference.

5. Consider Function

Many great items for sale at a good quality furniture store will offer more than just a single function. Consider an oversized ottoman, for example, which can also be used for handy but hidden storage.

6. Decide on a Style

Ashley Furniture is available in a wide range of styles, from modern and contemporary to rustic and more. All the wonderful options can be overwhelming unless you have a good idea what style fits best with your home's current decor.

7. Fabric and Finishes

There are so many beautiful fabric types, such as printed cotton or leather, and wooden furniture is available in a great selection of woods and finishes to fit into any style.

8. Colors and Patterns

Not only are there a huge selection of fabrics and finishes, but Ashley Furniture stores stock a wide range of color and pattern options, allowing you to find the perfect match or the best standout statement item.

9. The Smile Factor

The most important consideration you should keep when shopping at your local furniture store is the smile factor. If it makes you happy, the rest doesn't matter.

Furniture Extreme is your neighborhood Ashley Furniture store in Calgary. Call us today for more tips on selecting the best items for your home.