Calgary Furniture Store Furniture Extreme Offers Three Great Tips for Reducing Furniture Costs

One of the most common issues homeowners face in the current furniture marketplace is that they’re continually spending money on items for their home, while achieving little value. Homebuyers can mitigate their costs, but it takes a little time to save money over the long-term. Within this article, the experienced team at Calgary store Furniture Extreme offers their three tips for reducing furniture costs.

  1. Turn to Order Centers
  2. Retail furniture stores tend to have a higher markup on their furniture products. That’s because they have a need to upkeep a larger business property. They need to pay full time sales staff and spend on lighting and other utilities. They need to achieve a higher profit so they can expand their brand and buy other stores. By avoiding the retail companies and turning to online specialists as well as viewing and order centers, buyers can consolidate their costs significantly. These companies offer as much as a 50% discount on the retail pricing of brand name furniture.

  3. Learn Maintenance Techniques
  4. One of the reasons so many homeowners are overspending on furniture is that they don’t learn furniture care techniques. When turning to a Calgary furniture store for the latest products, it’s important to speak with specialists about the care required for each piece. What kind of maintenance does a wood table require? Are there techniques that can keep outdoor furniture looking its peak best year-round? These are important questions to ask when speaking with Calgary furniture store experts.

  5. Budget for the Purchase
  6. A critical problem many furniture buyers face is they don’t have the available resources to spend on the new piece when their old furniture becomes worn. This means they then have to finance the purchase with a credit card or directly through the furniture company. To save money on the piece, buyers can create a budget that works for their home needs. The budget should include all elements of the purchase including the delivery fee and any home design work.

  7. Pick Purchase Time Carefully
  8. By timing their furniture purchase, buyers can save thousands of dollars on furniture costs. For example, they can buy their pieces at the beginning of the year, when most companies offer sales, and thereby cut their buying costs significantly. Buyers can also consider signing up for company newsletters and email offers, ensuring they’re first in line when a sale begins.

The Calgary-based Furniture Extreme in store experts are ready to help buyers reduce their costs in 2017. To learn more on how to reduce furniture costs, contact the team at Furniture Extreme in Calgary!