Furniture Extreme's Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Entertainment Center from the Ashley furniture store

The entertainment center is often the focal point of the main living space. It serves as the electronic hub, movie and game collection storage, trinket display, and family hang out spot. As such, your entertainment center should be a reflection of you and your family. Picking out the right entertainment center is simple with the following tips.

Sizing and Measurements

Before you even walk into Furniture Extreme's showroom, you need to have a good idea about what size you want your entertainment center to be. You should take measurements of the space you plan on putting your new addition to make sure the one you buy will fit properly. When you go to measure the area, be sure to include:

  • Wall height, in case you decide on a tall standing entertainment center.
  • Length of the intended space.
  • Depth of the intended space.
  • Current television dimensions (or the dimensions of your dream television).

Entertainment Center vs. TV Stand

The entertainment centers for sale at furniture stores in Calgary come in two major styles: TV stands and true entertainment centers. TV stands often allow space of a television set on top with some storage options underneath. Entertainment centers, on the other hand, provide additional storage along the sides and over the top of the TV area. Some even include doors designed to hide your electronics when not in use.

Future Need Considerations

High quality furniture, such as that found at the local Calgary Ashley furniture store, is designed to last generations and should be considered an investment. As such, you want to consider any foreseeable future needs regarding your entertainment center. Things to consider include:

  • Additional gaming systems.
  • Larger television.
  • Extra space for growing movie or game collections.
  • Additional electronics.
  • Display space.

Bonus Extra Features Desired

Today there are so many new and fun features being incorporated into modern furnitureas new electronics and technologies become readily available. When you are looking into buying a new entertainment center, consider adding extra flair through these newest additions, such as:

Come on by our showroom in Calgary to see the exceptional beauty and diverse features of our wide selection of TV stands and entertainment centers for yourself. To learn more about picking out the perfect entertainment center for your space, please contact the knowledgeable staff at Furniture Extreme today.