Three Common Problems with Small Spaces and How a Storage Ottoman from the Ashley Furniture Store, Extreme Furniture, Can Help

Small spaces, particularly when the whole home is on the smaller side, can pose unique challenges and problems that larger spaces simply do not have. With careful planning, however, and a few select items from a reputable furniture store in Calgary, such as Furniture Extreme, and small spaces can feel a little less cramped.

The Three Major Ways Small Spaces Pose Challenges

When it comes to function and style, smaller spaces tend to be more difficult to deal with. The most common problems with smaller spaces include:

  • Inadequate seating.
  • Not enough storage space.
  • Area is too small for both function and decoration.

There simply is not room for fancy decorations or extra seating, and storage options are limited at best. However, there is one particular item that can solve these problems and is available at your local Ashley furniture store: the storage ottoman.

Padded Ottomans Make Comfy Seating

An ottoman, in general, acts as many items of furniture throughout its lifespan, and temporary additional seating is just one of them. A, ottoman model that has a padded or cushioned top makes for rather comfortable seating when guests pop by.

Lack of Storage is not a Problem with a Storage Ottoman

Storage is nearly always at a premium in small spaces, and when an item of furniture plays double duty, such as the storage ottoman, it's a win-win for everyone. Storage ottomans are great places to keep things you want close to hand, but do not need to have out all the time, such as extra throws.

Ottomans Provide Both Style and Function

The ottomans for sale at Furniture Extreme, a furniture store in Calgary, easily solve the style or function problem many small spaces have. They are for sale in a wide selection of colors, fabrics, patterns, and designs, allowing you to find the perfect ottoman: one that meets your seating and storage needs and looks beautiful in your home.

Beyond the Ottoman

Storage ottomans are only one type of furniture that can help small spaces. Other options include:

  • Tall shelves or entertainment centers to take advantage of vertical space.
  • Splashes of vibrant color to break up monotone areas.
  • End tables and coffee tables with built it drawers, cabinets, and shelves.

For more information about picking furniture for small spaces, please contact the experts at Furniture Extreme today, or come on by our showroom in Calgary to see style and function for yourself!