Furniture Extreme Presents: An Expert Guide to Decorating a Bedroom Space with Ashley Furniture Store Products

A family’s bedroom space is an intimate area. It’s a quiet location in the home that’s uniquely their own and decorated specifically according to their unique and private tastes. It’s why shopping for bedroom furniture is such a personal experience. And so, within this latest article, the team at Furniture Extreme store present their expert guide to decorating a bedroom space with the latest Ashley Furniture products.

Measure the Space Accurately

Whether homeowners are looking to add a new couch to their bedroom area for rest and relaxation outside of the bed, or simple to add a new table and chair to the area for those nights working long into the evening, it’s critical to measure the available space carefully. When measuring the space, remember to consider the optimal placement for other furniture and take into consideration whether the bed might be upgraded in the near future. There’s no point getting a large couch for the bedroom and finding it doesn’t fit when the queen bed is upgraded to a king in the following months.

Consider Functionality

What is the most important asset for bedroom furniture? Is it comfort? Style? What about the value the furniture brings to the space in terms of long-term performance? When analyzing Ashley furniture at the local Calgary store, it’s important to consider the level of functionality the piece will bring to the bedroom. Couples should consider how both of them will enjoy the furniture and whether they both agree on the need for this type of piece within the space. This will help ensure that the new piece holds value in the long-term and works for all users within the home.

Review Maintenance

The maintenance of home furniture is an important element to consider during the purchase phase. While the vast majority of pieces manufactured by Ashley Furniture are designed for minimal maintenance over many years, some couples find they want a very low maintenance product that requires only annual cleaning at the most. In this case, it’s important to work with the team at the Calgary furniture store to assess the Ashley Furniture product and its maintenance requirements. Consider all facets of the design to review whether cleaning will be simple or complex. For example, buyers might review the small cracks and crevices in the system to determine whether the cleaning work will be harder when simply using a vacuum cleaner.

Buying new furniture can transform a bedroom space and provide long-term comfort for couples. But working with experts is important in achieving true value for money. To discuss this subject with an industry specialist, speak with the team at Furniture Extreme now at 587-353-3369 or visit their business website at