Calgary Furniture Store Furniture Extreme Highlights Trends in Furniture for 2017

It’s close to the end of the year and now homeowners throughout the region are considering how to upgrade their homes ready for 2017. It’s the ideal time for this planning process but before making a choice about a new furniture item, buyers should carefully consider the upcoming trends. In this latest article, the experts at Calgary furniture store Furniture Extreme highlight some of the most interesting trends in future for the 2017 marketplace.

Beds with Bed Heads

Upholstered beds complete with bed heads will be re-entering the marketplace at pace in 2017. Many manufacturers are now working on new bed designs that take the old classics and revamp them for the 2017 marketplace. Older style beds with wooden frames are quickly going out of style, and this means homeowners might consider upgrading their bedroom furniture options as we move toward the new year.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are making a big comeback in the 2017 furniture marketplace as homeowners continue to prefer angular pieces that can be matched seamlessly with other home elements. The trend toward geometric patterns can be found throughout the home, whether it’s on bathroom tiles or on the table in the living room, and highlights the commitment toward symmetry and effective blending within contemporary interior décor.

High Shine Metal Finishes

Homeowners are also now expected to use high-shine metal finishes throughout their home in 2017. Products such as bronze and silver will continue to be used in high numbers as a result of the aesthetic value they can bring to stale home areas. Products such as gold also have a timeless appeal that can help 2017 buyers transcend the trends and bring long-term value to their home décor. But it’s always best to consult with an industry specialist at a Calgary furniture store before making such a large investment in the home!

Delicate Features

Furniture with delicate features is expected to make an impression throughout 2017 as those who are hoping for a minimalist design aesthetic choose to limit the use of larger and more dominative furniture items. Tables and chairs with airy designs and lighter, delicate curves will take pride of place in the home as bulkier items will be moved away to provide more space for in-home activities and superior levels of in-home comfort.

The experts at Furniture Extreme are now working at their store with buyers across the Calgary marketplace to ensure they choose the ideal pieces for their home space! It’s now the perfect time to begin the shopping planning stages! To discuss interior decorating with an Ashley furniture specialist, call the experts at Furniture Extreme now at (587) 353-3369 or visit their business website at