Experts at Ashley Furniture Store Furniture Extreme Highlight 4 Questions to Ask Before Buying

Ashley furniture products, available at a local store, offer homeowners exceptional long-term value. But, as with any major purchase, it’s important for furniture buyers to consider all options carefully. Ashley furniture used in the right way can add true value to a home, and in this latest article the team at Furniture Extreme takes a look at four questions to ask when buying Ashley furniture from a local Calgary store.

  1. What Warranty Options are Available?
  2. Before buying Ashley furniture from their local store, Calgary buyers should consider the warranty options available. This will help them to make the right choice when buying new products and ensure the product is protected for the coming years. When reviewing warranty options, buyers should carefully consider both the length of the coverage and the type of coverage provided. Sometimes a 5-year warranty doesn’t provide the necessary coverage level required despite its length. Speaking with experts throughout the industry is the best way to pinpoint a high value warranty.

  3. What Delivery Services Do You Provide?
  4. While Ashley furniture can provide full value when used in the Calgary home, transferring the item from the store to the home is not always simple. And many buyers have mistakenly purchased furniture without first considering their delivery requirements. When planning purchases, buyers can speak with the furniture store about their delivery service. Review whether the store offers the service free of charge or whether an extra fee is required. This can help keep costs low when reviewing the final purchase price for the furniture.

  5. What are Your Most Popular Products?
  6. As buyers enter the marketplace, they might not have a clear understanding on the leading options available through the Ashley furniture catalogue. This means they’ll have to speak with a specialist about the most popular options. Reviewing the most popular options gives buyers an understanding on the types of products made available within today’s marketplace. It will also allow them to see which products can be used to improve their home.

  7. Will This Blend with Our Current Décor?
  8. Interior decorating trends rely on a keen sense of colour and style blending, and that’s why homeowners should know whether their potential furniture purchase matches their current décor. Bring photographs of home areas when speaking with a specialist to ensure the optimal furniture options are chosen for that space within the home.

The team at Furniture Extreme are available now to help answer questions and guide homeowners in choosing quality furniture for their property! To learn more on Ashley furniture products, speak with the in-store team at Furniture Extreme now at (587) 353-3369 or visit their business website at