Calgary Furniture Store Furniture Extreme Offers Five Tips for Decorating a Living Room

The living room area is the centerpiece to the home. It’s the space in which guests will congregate during dinner parties and other upcoming events, and so it’s critical that the living room space is decorated according to the latest guidance from industry experts. The team at Furniture Extreme has decades of experience across the furniture marketplace, and within this latest article the team at their Calgary furniture store presents five tips for decorating a living room.

  1. Match Furniture Tones with Art

    Oftentimes homeowners struggle in picking the colour of their furniture and this can mean they delay the living room decorating process. In order to achieve that ideal colour balance within the home, the team at the Furniture Extreme store in Calgary recommend matching furniture colours with the tones in the art on the wall. This can help ensure an exceptional aesthetic appeal in the living room space.

  2. Choose Greys over Whites

    No longer are muted whites the ideal choice to make living rooms seem larger than they are, now homeowners can integrate stylish grey paints and furniture to transform the space. Grey colours can help to capture the modern elegance of any living room space while preventing the living room from appearing too institutional.

  3. Speak with Furniture Experts Before Making an Investment

    One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when adding furniture to their living room area is choosing products before speaking with an industry specialist. This can lead to them making mistakes in terms of the furniture they select. For example, a homeowner might select a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit within the aesthetic of the space without expert guidance. This can lead to the homeowner overspending on their decorating budget without achieving their ideal space.

  4. Reduce Costs by Blending Old and New

    Oftentimes homeowners don’t have to replace their entire furniture set to achieve that brand new appeal within their living room. They can work to reduce their overall costs by blending new furniture products with the current furniture in their home. Consider speaking with specialists at a local Calgary furniture store before considering products to blend within the property.

  5. Arrange Seating for Comfort

    A living room should be a space for optimal comfort throughout the year. Consider each guest’s comfort requirements when arranging furniture. For example, homeowners might place a chair with an ottoman by the fireplace for the ultimate in relaxation during those cozy dinner parties.

The experts at the Furniture Extreme furniture store in Calgary are available today to help homeowners maximize the appeal of their living room areas. To learn more, call their office team now at (587) 353-3369 or visit their business website at