Furniture Extreme Presents: Questions to Ask When Buying Ashley Furniture from a Local Store

When buying brand name furniture such as Ashley Furniture products from a local store, it’s critical to find the right product at the right price point. But homeowners don’t always have experience within the furniture buying process and this can lead to them making significant mistakes as they try to add more furniture options to their home. To help guide the furniture buying process, the team at Furniture Extreme highlights the questions to ask when buying Ashley Furniture from a local store.

What is Your Warranty Policy?

When paying a premium for brand name items such as quality Ashley Furniture from a local store, it’s important that homeowners achieve their ideal piece. This means they must first consider the store’s warranty policy. The store should be able to provide a quality guarantee in terms of the material quality of the product. They should also offer a warranty that covers any manufacturing defects discovered after purchase. By asking this question, homeowners can ensure the full value for their purchase.

Which are the Most Popular Options and Why?

Furniture trends continue to evolve in 2016 as homeowners invest in the latest products to transform their property. By understanding more on the latest additions to the Ashley Furniture selection, property owners can make sure they find a product that will have lasting value within their home and will impress visitors.

What are My Furniture Options?

While homeowners might have a set style of furniture in mind when choosing Ashley Furniture from the store. There isn’t always a clear insight into all the options available when simply browsing a company website. And so homeowners must work with sales people to review the full range of furniture options the company offers. By exploring their catalogue and comparing the various products alongside a sales professional, homeowners can ensure they select the ideal product for their long-term needs.

What is the Delivery Timeframe?

One of the key considerations when buying furniture is the delivery timeframe and the cost for delivery of the furniture to the home. Homeowners might require the furniture for an upcoming social event within the home, and this may mean they require the piece on short notice. Try to find out as much as possible about the company’s delivery processes and determine whether the timeline can be reduced.

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