Calgary-based Furniture Extreme Offers a Quick Guide to Selecting Beds

Property owners throughout the city spend much of their days lying on beds. This means the beds they use must offer the optimal comfort for their unique back and spine requirements. But homeowners may also take design elements into consideration. Many are considering their bed options and analyzing which products offer the ideal performance within their bedroom space. In this latest article, the team at Furniture Extreme in Calgary offers their quick guide to selecting beds.

Consider Bed Designs with Built-In Storage

Most homeowners don’t have the available space to place their belongings in closets and wardrobes throughout the home. This might mean they require additional storage elsewhere. Within the modern marketplace, there are numerous elegant bed styles that combine functionality and style while providing a range of storage options. One option is the Maeleen King Panel Storage bed, which combines oak veneer with a wire brushed surface to captivate with its aesthetics, while also offering drawers with fully framed drawer boxes. It’s the type of product that allows families to achieve peak style while retaining a high level of organization within the bedroom space.

Speak with a Sales Specialist Before Making a Final Choice

While homeowners may have that ideal bed in mind when reviewing products online or through their local furniture showroom, it’s important they speak with a local Calgary sales expert before selecting their beds. This reason is that the sales professional can help to guide the process. They can help to pinpoint the range of products within the homeowner’s price range, and ensure they get full value for money when completing the purchase. In addition, the sales expert can help to outline further considerations, such as shipping costs and potential accessories for the bed. Communicating with an expert can help buyers mitigate mistakes when finalizing the purchase process.

Bring Photos When Buying the Bed

When visiting local furniture stores, it’s important to bring photos of the bedroom space to the store. This enables buyers to analyze their current space and then review the available beds with the goal of matching the bed to the space. Oftentimes, buyers purchase a bed only to find the product doesn’t exactly match the colour of a wall or floor in the way they thought it would in the store. By reviewing the bed alongside the photos of the bedroom, buyers can ensure they find a product that blends perfectly within their home.

The specialists at Furniture Extreme are now helping buyers across the marketplace locate the ideal beds for their Calgary homes. To learn more, speak with the team at Furniture Extreme directly at 587-353-3369 or visit their business website at