Highlights The Latest Bedroom Furniture Trends for 2016

By learning the latest design trends, homeowners can ensure the pieces they select offer an exceptional return on investment. This type of information is only available through trusted marketplace sources. That’s why it’s important to work with experienced specialists when analyzing the local Calgary marketplace for quality bedroom furniture products. It’s the reason so many are turning to the team at Furniture Extreme for high quality furniture that combines style with affordability. In this latest article, the Furniture Extreme experts highlight 2016’s leading bedroom furniture design trends.

Products that Support Optimal Sleep

Experts across the marketplace are gaining a greater understanding on how to design mattress products to ensure the optimal sleep. In 2016, customers are going to gain access to significantly higher quality mattresses, as well as superior blackout curtains and other products designed to support a better quality of sleep. Products such as contour bed pillows will also become more widely available, as homeowners seek to enhance head and neck comfort while in bed.

Frameless Beds

Inspired by design trends across Asia, families across North America are expected to turn to frameless beds as a design choice in 2016. These products present a seamless design appeal that ensures the bed is the center of the space and that no other decorative elements detract from the style of the product.

Storage Systems with Smooth Facades

Another element designed to improve the clean aesthetic appeal of the bedroom space is storage systems with no handles or bars. In 2016, wood storage systems are set to take pride of place within the modern bedroom as homeowners seek natural bedroom furniture that blends with the rest of their décor.

Contrasting Shades

Contrasting colors are set to become popular again in 2016, as homeowners try to make a statement with their bedroom design. Furniture industry experts expect to see black and white items lead the marketplace in popularity with homeowners looking to achieve a design that blends classical appeal with futuristic style.

Multifunctional Furniture

With many homeowners choosing to live in condos across Canada due to high housing prices, the space available within bedrooms is becoming more limited. And so many Calgary bedroom furniture buyers are now seeking out items that offer several different uses. For example, products such as beds with large storage systems underneath are set to achieve greater popularity in 2016, as owners look to make effective use of the limited space available in their bedrooms

After comprehensive analysis of the newest trends, property owners can turn to their local furniture stores to locate that ideal piece for use in their bedroom. To learn more on the latest bedroom furniture trends, speak with the trusted team at Calgary-based Furniture Extreme directly at (587) 353-3369 or visit their business website at www.furnitureextreme.com.