Calgary-based Furniture Extreme Offers 10 Tips for Arranging Bedroom Furniture

When buying new furniture for their bedroom spaces, Calgary homeowners must consider how to arrange their new décor to suit their long-term comfort and functionality requirements. The team at Furniture Extreme has many years’ experience within the Canadian furniture marketplace and in this latest article, they outline their 10 tips for arranging bedroom furniture.

1. Try Not to Place the Bed Under a Window

With the window open, homeowners may feel a draft while in bed. This can make it difficult to sleep on windy evenings.

2. Choose Light Colours for Small Bedroom Spaces

Homeowners with smaller bedroom spaces should try to use light colours as much as possible within their décor. Light colouring can make a smaller room seem larger and more open.

3. Add The Largest Bedside Tables Possible for the Space

The bedside tables buyers choose should be as large as their space allows. This will ensure they have the optimal available room for placing books, cups and other items while they lay in bed.

4. Make Room for at Least One Comfortable Chair

The chair within the bedroom space can be used for those days when laying down is inconvenient but relaxation is required. On sick days, having a comfortable chair to relax upon can ensure the ideal change from lying in bed.

5. Choose a Stylish Sofa Bed for Guest Rooms

Flexibility is an important element to consider in the design of guest rooms. Choose sofa beds over traditional bed options, to ensure that both guests and residents can use the space as required over the coming years.

6. Plan Walkways Before Introducing New Furniture

After buying new bedroom furniture, it’s important for Calgary homeowners to plan the walkways within the bedroom to allow the ideal amount of space for moving around. Plotting out all walkways ahead of time can reduce the risk of tripping and falling when adding new furniture.

7. Arrange Furniture Largest to Smallest in Size

When considering bedroom furniture layouts, homeowners should try to arrange their pieces from the largest to the smallest, to save time and give themselves the maximum available room for larger items.

8. Try to Design the Space for Privacy

If the bedroom opens up to a public living area, homeowners should try to arrange their bedroom furniture so that they have optimum privacy. For example, they might consider placing the bed behind the door rather than in the wall opposite, to limit the view from the exterior areas.

9. Place a Bed Facing the Window

Days can be much brighter when waking up to a view of the outside. Homeowners can enhance the amount of light in their bedroom significantly by placing a bed facing the window.
10. Consider the Space Around Storage Areas

Storage areas are ideal within the modern bedroom. Homeowners should ensure that all storage spaces are free of obstructions. For example, the door to a closet should be easy to open and close without wardrobes and other furniture potentially blocking the area.

By analyzing their bedroom furniture layout, Calgary property owners can create the ideal functional space within their home. To learn more, speak with the team at Furniture Extreme directly at (587) 353-3369 or visit their business website at