3 Furniture Shopping Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting Stores across Calgary

With the new year now well under way, many Calgary homeowners are now looking to add new furniture to their home this year while visiting stores across the city. But many find the process challenging due to the large selection of new products now available within the home furniture marketplace. In this latest article, the specialists at Furniture Extreme help streamline the shopping process by pointing out three furniture shopping mistakes to avoid when visiting Calgary stores.

1. Not Discussing Delivery Costs

One of the leading mistakes homeowners make when buying their furniture is not considering the cost of delivery when calculating their purchase pricing. The cost of delivery can often be significant for thosewith a very strict budget for their purchase and so buyers must begin the purchase by asking sales staff about the full purchase price – including delivery. In addition, buyers should also try to find out whetherthere is any furniture assembly required once the delivery has been completed. They may find some furniture requires further work upon arrival at their home, meaning they have to take time out of their schedule to put the product together.

2. Waiting to Pay on Financing Deals

When interest-free financing is offered, homeowners often defer the payments for their furniture for an extended period of time. This can leave them with significant costs when the interest-free period runs out over the following year. They may pay a large percentage of the value of the furniture in interest if they’re not able to complete their purchase during the interest-free period. Buyers can reduce their costs by simply saving and then paying for their furniture up front or by analyzing all financing deals in detail to consider how they can achieve full value for money. Buyers should also make sure that any agreement is copied and in their possession for a future date.

3. Not Discussing Options with a Sales Team Member

Oftentimes, buyers visit their local Calgary furniture stores with a clear idea on the type of product they want for their home. This may mean, though, that they miss out on more affordable, better-suited products if they don’t look around the store first. Calgary furniture stores will likely have a number of options for buyers to consider, and so it’s important to speak directly with sales team members before making that final decision. Sales specialists can provide clear information on all available products, allowing for a more effective final purchase decision.

By learning from these common furniture buying mistakes, buyers across Calgary can find their ideal pieces at city-wide furniture stores. To learn more, speak with the team at Furniture Extreme via (587) 353-3369 or visit their business website at www.furnitureextreme.com.